Orange EV looks to capitalise on terminal trucking electrification case

Terminal trucking industry seen as prime candidate for electrification

Orange EV looks to capitalise on terminal trucking electrification case
Electrifying terminal trucking fleet set to unlock savings for operators

New Jersey-based fleet lessor Commercial Trailer Leasing (CTL) will replace an unspecified number of diesel terminal trucks with all-electric models for use in its operations.

The Class 8 e-Triever tractors from Kansas City-based EV maker Orange EV will be leased to various CTL customers within the food distribution and logistics industry, along with onsite charging cabinets.

Terminal trucks are well suited to electrification due to low speeds, limited range and the stop-and-start patterns of transporting loads from one area to another within a yard, terminal or logistics hub.

As such, relatively cheap vehicles can be deployed that still help CTL and its customers save money on operations. The two firms say that fleets can seen savings of $20,000–90,000 per truck annually from fuel cost reduction, emissions control elimination, and powertrain and brake maintenance savings.

The reduced downtime and safer working environments are also major contributors to cost reductions, according to the two firms.

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Orange EV was the first manufacturer to commercially deploy this type of class 8 electric terminal truck in 2015, and in November the firm announced it had manufactured its 1,000th vehicle.

"One thousand heavy-duty EV trucks is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and the impact we can make by electrifying the terminal truck industry," said Kurt Neutgens, CTO of Orange EV, at the time.

The value of the transaction between the two firms has not been disclosed.

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