Ciaran Donnelly

Ciaran has written about finance, politics and culture. He is passionate about e-mobility and what it means for our way of life. Ciaran has a Masters in Ancient Philosophy from Oxford University.

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Peter Ramsay

Peter boasts 20+ years’ experience in energy/commodity journalism & analysis. He is convinced the next few decades will be all about energy transition. Insider Focus is a front-row seat for the ride.

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Tom Young

Tom is an experienced business writer, specialised in the energy transition Tom is passionate about Electric Vehicles and how Tesla, BYD, Rivian, Lucid and others are transforming automotive

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In 25 years of journalism at Bloomberg News, S&P Global, The Economist and others, Matt has covered financial markets, economics, energy transition, and now the $3tn global automotive transformation.

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Ottilie Von Henning

Ottilie is an experienced digital journalist having previously worked at LondonWorld, PA Media and The Tab. She speaks fluent German and is focused on European OEMs and policy.

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Charlie has a 1st class degree from Durham, where he led the insight team for a leading student publication and interned at The Times. Charlie has been obsessed with EVs since the Roadster.

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James Graham

James is passionate about e-mobility and the energy transition and brings twenty years experience in corporate strategy and finance. James is responsible for the business side of EV inFocus.

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Sarah Tooze

Sarah is a 15 year automotive journalist, having held positions at Fleet News, Smart Transport, Heycar and In 2017 she won the Newspress Automotive Business Journalist award.

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Louis Harkell

Louis provides expert analysis of the Chinese EV market including BYD, Geely, SAIC, GWM, Xpeng etc He has lived in china, is fluent in Mandarin, and has over a decade of experience in B2B content.

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