Orange EV manufacturers 1000th electric truck

Terminal logistics are well-suited to electrification

Orange EV manufacturers 1000th electric truck
Terminal trucks transport loads from one area to another within a yard

US electric truck maker Orange EV has now manufactured 1,000 all-electric 'terminal' trucks.

Terminal trucks transport loads from one area to another within a yard, terminal, or logistics hub, and are well suited to electrification because of low speeds, limited range and the stop-and-start patterns of their movement.

Orange EV was the first manufacturer to commercially deploy this type of class 8 electric truck in 2015.

"One thousand heavy-duty EV trucks is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and the impact we can make by electrifying the terminal truck industry," says Kurt Neutgens, CTO of Orange EV.

The trucks have been delivered to than 230 fleets, including yard management firm Lazer Logistics, which took receipt of the 1000th truck.

"The partnership exemplifies our shared resolve to provide high quality yard trucks, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies,” says Lazer Logistics CEO Adam Newsome.

Last year, Orange EV raised $35mn to increase production.

Earlier this year it brought a new product to market, its Husk-e Series, a larger and more powerful version of its e-Triever. The Husk-e also has better visibility and a 50pc reduction in stopping distance.

The company is taking orders for the new vehicle now, and expects to deliver the first models later this quarter.

Chinese manufacturer BYD offers a similar 'terminal tractor' truck in the US, aimed at the same market.

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