IM Motors unveils solid state powered EV

All wheel drive version of vehicle will have 1,000km range on single charge, says CEO

IM Motors unveils solid state powered EV
IM motors already sells three EV models

Chinese automaker IM Motors has released details of one of the first cars in the Chinese market to launch with a solid solid state battery, the L6.

The company’s co-CEO List Tao shared on Weibo that the new L6 EV will be powered by a 900V platform equipped with solid-state batteries that can deliver over 1,000 km of range on a single charge in its all wheel drive version.

The automaker, a joint venture between SAIC Motor and technology firms Alibaba and Zhangjiang Hi Tech, launched its initial lineup of three EVs in 2021 – a full-size L7 sedan and two mid-size SUVs, the LS7 and LS6.

The L6 is the first model to go on sale since SAIC signed a joint venture with QingTao Energy to develop solid-state batteries.

The vehicle was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in February.

Sales will begin in China later this year starting from RMB 38,900 ($ 5,390), and in South America and Europe from 2025.

The car will come in a rear wheel drive version with a 250 kW electric motor and an all wheel drive version with dual 379 kW / 200 kW motors.

IM Motors is planning three generations of solid-state batteries with more information to be given at a technical event on 8 April.

Pioneering technology

Solid state batteries have the potential to offer better energy density, faster charging times, a wider operating temperature range and a simpler, more scalable manufacturing process than conventional lithium-ion batteries. 

A number of OEMs are investing in the technology. Toyota has been developing the batteries with Japanese electronics company Panasonic since April 2020.

European OEM Stellantis also has a joint development agreement for solid state batteries with technology firm Factorial Energy. 

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Germany’s BMW is developing the batteries and Nissan also recently announced a solid state development programme as part of its Arc strategy to 2030. 

US solid state battery firm Quantum Scape (QS) has seen “exceptional results” from prototypes of its first commercial solid state battery — due to be launched in 2025. The firm shipped its first prototype cells to prospective customers in the forth quarter of last year, and has been progressively releasing results from its testing.

And in May last year China's Ganfeng Lithium announced mass production of solid state batteries at a plant in China.

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