China Auto Show launches build BEV momentum

VW leads OEMs hoping to wow with launches in Beijing this week

China Auto Show launches build BEV momentum
VW has launched a new premium BEV sub-brand for China, led by the ID.Code concept

European and Asian OEMs are set to unveil a slew of new EV offerings at leading trade show Auto China 24, which begins tomorrow.

Germany's VW will introduce the ID.Code concept, a large e-SUV aimed at the Chinese market and built on the automaker's China Main Platform. The vehicle will form part of the ID.UX sub-brand, which VW is basing around highly advanced software EVs. VW partner Xpeng also recently announced its own AI-defined vehicle mass-market brand last month.

The German heavyweight launched its Volkswagen China Technology Company in the city of Hefei in November with the goal of launching an electric platform for the entry-level segment in just 36 months.

However, the larger ID.Code and the ID.UX brand is a change of tack away from VW's plans for four c.$25,000 equivalent EVs for the Chinese market as part of its so-called 'in China, for China' strategy.

VW Group subsidiary Audi will also premier what it calls "the largest model initiative in the history of Audi" as it aims to establish a BEV foothold in China.

"The exterior of the new Audi Q6L E-tron is set to be unveiled at the Volkswagen Group Night on 24 April. The Q6L E-tron will be shown for the first time at Auto China from 25 April to 4 May, as will the Q5 E-tron RS edition for the Chinese market," Audi says.

Fellow German OEM BMW is showing off the new Aceman crossover from its UK luxury compact Mini brand.

Also at the show, Chinese EV leader BYD will debut a new crossover called the Bao 8, as well as two performance concepts, all under its sub-brand Fang Cheng Bao, which was first unveiled last year.

Smaller Chinese player Neta will also debut the Neta L SUV in both BEV and EREV versions, which the company says will be launched in over 20 countries worldwide during the second half of this year.

Japanese OEM Honda, long described even by itself as a BEV laggard, will show concepts for its Ye range, consisting of two SUVs, the P7 and P8, as well as a sedan, known as the Ye GT.

Honda is planning to launch a total of six Ye Series models in China by 2027. The latest concepts appear more serious attempts at marketable consumer cars, compared to its highly futuristic Zero Series concepts unveiled in January.

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But Auto China 24 is not the only show in town for new all-electric launches. German OEM Mercedes is looking at LA to showcase its new EQ G-580 electric off-roader. And the UK's JLR has announced that its first all-electric Range Rover prototypes are undergoing off-road testing in Sweden.

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