Chargepoint strikes hardware collaboration deal

Struggling CPO will collaborate with AcBel, a producer of power supplies and adapters

Chargepoint strikes hardware collaboration deal
Chargepoint has been struggling towards profitability

California charge point operator (CPO) Chargepoint has signed a technology collaboration deal with Taiwanese power supply manufacturer AcBel Polytech.

AcBel, which is a subsidiary of manufacturing solutions provider Kinpo Group, will co-design hardware for ChargePoint’s portfolio of EV charging solutions.

"ChargePoint believes the partnership will bolster its research and development capabilities, enabling it to bring new products to market faster and at a lower cost," Chargepoint says in a press release.

It is unclear if AcBel's role will involve redesigning Chargepoint's current range of EVSE hardware or collaborating on future product rollouts.

Chargepoint's EVSE hardware is set to supply German OEM Mercedes for its upcoming North American fast charging network, for which it will provide 400kW ultra-fast charging ports.

Chargepoint has already earmarked the opening of the Mercedes charging network for the rollout of its new Express Plug Power Link 2000 DC fast charging platform, and says that the chargers are capable of speeds up to 500kW.

AcBel specialises in adapters and transformers for consumer electronics, but has expressed a desire to enter the power management business, in which its parent company Kinpo Group is a major player.

Kinpo Group manufacturers smart metres and solar panels, as well as electrical components.

"Combining Kinpo's communication and automation production technology with AcBel's power design capabilities and ChargePoint's market-leading position, we believe this strong alliance will significantly increase Kinpo Group's activity in the EV charging market," says Kinpo CEO Andrew Chen.
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Industry outlook

Despite profitability struggles and resignations in November, the potential market for Chargepoint's products in the USA is sizeable.

In what could be a lifeline for the company, Chargepoint recently received Fedramp certified status from the US General Services Administration , opening the firm up to future business providing charging solutions to the government.

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