Chargepoint achieves US governmental data certification approval

Fedramp approval opens a potentially sizeable opportunity, although more competitors are set to level the playing field

Chargepoint achieves US governmental data certification approval
Chargepoint is one of the two first CPOs to be Fedramp approved

California CPO Chargepoint has become one of the country's first charging firms to receive approval under the US government's Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (Fedramp), a certification that opens the way to doing more business with a key mass buyer of EVs.

The US General Services Administration (GSA) gave approval to the CPO, as well as California headquartered competitor Chargie. The GSA is the agency responsible for establishing government-wide vehicle contracts . Approved CPOs — with six more set to receive certification this year — will be in line to strike commercial deals for charging infrastructure with the federal government.

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"These requirements include best-in-class data security, dedicated cloud hosting for federal customers, and rigorous standards for authorisation, access, and continuous monitoring," Chargepoint says. "Chargepoint’s cloud software gives customers real-time visibility into data such as power use, energy costs, station usage, session fees and more."

"Chargepoint has been a trusted partner to many levels of the US government for years, providing EV charging infrastructure and software to help federal agencies lead the transition to electric mobility,” says Teza Mukkavilli, chief information security officer at Chargepoint.

“Chargepoint’s comprehensive cloud solution gives customers real-time visibility into data such as power use, energy costs, station usage, session fees and more. This authorisation demonstrates our commitment and proven ability to providing the highest standards of security for our customers, while unlocking potential millions of dollars in US federal government opportunities,” he adds.

The Fedramp certification is a security assessment for cloud computing products and services, established in 2011 "to provide a cost effective, risk-based approach for the adoption and use of cloud services by the federal government". 

Across all of 2023, the GSA ordered more than 5,800 zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), a 63pc increase over 2022. In the first quarter of financial year 2024, the GSA says it has ordered 4,000 more ZEVs — accounting for 20pc of all orders and almost 30pc of all light-duty vehicle orders.

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