Western OEMs boost BEV options

BMW announces electric models to go on sale in Q1, while Polestar 4 launches in Europe and Australia

Western OEMs boost BEV options
The BMW i5 xDrive40 sedan can add 156km of range in ten minutes at a fast charging station

Germany's BMW and Seeden's Polestar have both given updates on BEVs that will go on sale early this year.

BMW will add two fully electric variants in the first quarter of this year, the BMW i5 xDrive40 sedan and the BMW iX2.

The i5 xDrive40 Sedan has two integrated electric drive units at the front and rear axle which together deliver a system output of up to 290kW.

The model can be charged at fast-charging stations at up to 205kW, which BMW says can add 156km (97 miles) of range in ten minutes. AC charging at a rate of 11kW comes as standard with 22kW as an option. 

The BMW iX2 is a compact sports activity coup (SAC) that can be charged at up to 130 kW with DC charging. A 120km (75 miles) boost to its range is provided from ten minutes hooked up to a fast-charging station.

“Thanks to extremely efficient charging software and predictive heat management capability, brief stops are enough to significantly increase the battery charge,” says BMW.

Polestar 4

Meanwhile Polestar has released its Polestar 4 SUV coupe in European and Australian markets. Prices begin at €63,200 ($68,500) in Europe and AU$81,500 ($53,635) in Australia. 

Production is planned to start towards the middle of 2024, with first deliveries expected from August.

The firm is hoping that the release of the vehicle will improve its fortunes after the manufacturer was forced to cut expenditure and staff on disappointing vehicle sales.

“The introduction of Polestar 4 into all our markets through the course of 2024 is key to our success,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

The car will come in two versions, a single motor version and a long range dual motor version. Up to 200kW DC and 22kW AC charging is included for both versions, with bi-directional charging hardware included.

Polestar hopes the launch of the Polestar 3 and, especially, 4 will help boost profitability and has said that it expects to grow volumes after 2025. The firm is planning five performance EVs by 2026 — adding Polestars 5 and 6, a four-door GT and a roadster respectively, to the range by that date. Polestar is eyeing a 2025 breakeven as a major milestone.

In other launch news this week, the German Opel brand of conglomerate Stellantis announced that an electric model of its Frontera SUV will be available later this year. 

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