Volvo launches FH Aero electric truck

New Aero model will be based on 'truck of the year' the Volvo FH Electric

Volvo launches FH Aero electric truck
The Volvo FH Aero electric has improved aerodynamic features

The FH Aero new truck design launched by Swedish truck maker Volvo Group will boast a fully electric version alongside gasoline and diesel versions. 

The FH Aero Electric will be based on the the Volvo FH Electric, which has 360-540kWh battery capacity and a two-and-a-hour charging time on a 250kW DC charger. 

In November last year, the Volvo FH Electric won the International Truck of the Year 2024 award, the first time an electric truck won the award.

The Aero version of the truck has an extended cab which improves aerodynamics and results in up to 5pc lower energy consumption.

It also has a new advanced camera monitor system that replaces traditional wing mirrors, which Volvo says contributes to both aerodynamics and safety.

The system provides a wider rear visual field for the driver and has an auto-panning function. 

Other features include a mapping and cruise control driving system and a drag-free braking system, both of which can help optimise energy consumption.

“The new Volvo FH Aero is our most efficient truck ever as we continue to reduce CO2 from our entire product range”, says Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.
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Earlier this month, Volvo launched a new core platform called Volvo VNL that will form the basis of all its new models in North America going forward — including for battery-electric, fuel cell and internal combustion engines.

Volvo delivered 1,863 fully electric Volvo trucks in 2023, a 236pc increase from 554 in 2022. Net order intake for Volvo electric trucks did not grow as fast, however, rising by just 11pc to 2,057 in 2023 from 1,846 in 2022.

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