UK offers no hint of imminent ROO timetable change

The EU and UK are talking about postponing the 2024 'cliff edge' threatening cross-channel EV trade, but the former is not yet bullish on agreement

UK offers no hint of imminent ROO timetable change
The fallout from Brexit continues to weigh heavily on EU-UK trade dynamics

The UK is the EU's largest EV export market. Eight out of 10 of all cars produced in the UK are exported, mainly to the EU. So a deal to postpone the start of applying rules of origin (ROO) under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) when neither side is well-placed to have sufficient EV production that would qualify to avoid 10pc import tariffs seems a no-brainer.

But there were few hints this week that the UK government at least is expecting to announce a breakthrough in ongoing talks. And that is worrying UK opposition MPs.


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