Seat presses go on Spanish battery packing plant

Volkswagen subsidiary building out a Spanish e-mobility ecosystem that can benefit the wider Group

Seat presses go on Spanish battery packing plant
VW will build one of its European gigafactories at Sagunto, Spain

Spain's Seat will begin building a battery assembly plant just west of Barcelona in the coming weeks, after confirming an additional €300mn investment as part of the country's strategic project for economic recovery and transformation program for the electric and connected vehicle (Perte Vec) public-private partnership.          

The investment, promising more than 400 new jobs, is an addendum to Seat's 'Future: Fast Forward' project, which promises €10bn to electrify the firm's Spanish automaking value chain, all the way from extracting lithium from local mines — through a gigafactory in Sagunto, also close to Valencia, operated by VW battery-making subsidiary Powerco — to making EVs at Martorell and at another plant in Pamplona.            


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