Porsche unveils improved Taycan

New EV model has a 35pc longer range than its predecessor

Porsche unveils improved Taycan
The new Porsche Taycan can travel 587km on a single charge

Porsche has unveiled a new model of its all-electric sports car the Taycan as it seeks to capitalise on the vehicle’s sales success.

The new model has a 35 pc longer range than its predecessor, able to travel up to 587km on a single charge in real world tests

The vehicle can also go from a 10pc to an 80pc charge in half the time of its predecessor – 18 minutes rather than 37. 

“We ushered in the new era of e-mobility with the Taycan at the end of 2019. It immediately proved to be a game changer and innovative pioneer in the e-vehicle segment,” says Kevin Giek, Head of the model line. “We are now continuing this success story with the extensively updated Taycan."

Porsche says the improvements in performance are thanks to an updated powertrain, a modified pulse inverter and more powerful batteries with better thermal management.

Building on success 

Porsche launched the first model the Taycan in 2020. In 2023 sales rose 17pc on the year to 40,629, representing nearly 13pc of all Porsche vehicle sales.

The firm has now built almost 150,000 models of the original Taycan, with sales focused in the US, the UK, Germany and China.

Porsche recently launched its first all-electric SUV in its Porsche Macan range, with the first units set to be delivered in the second half of the year.

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The new Macan uses the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) drivetrain developed together by VW Group brands Audi And Porsche.

Porsche plans to launch its all-electric 718 in the middle of the decade, followed by an all-electric Cayenne, and a further all-electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne.

The company says it has a goal of delivering more than 80 per cent of its new vehicles as all-electric models in 2030.

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