Mercedes EQV to form 'bridge' to new EV van platform

Fully electric EQV model will be available on VAN.EA architecture from 2026

Mercedes EQV to form 'bridge' to new EV van platform
All newly developed midsize/large vans will be based on VAN.EA architecture from later this decade

German OEM Mercedes has updated its electric seven-seater van the EQV for the European market, as it works towards releasing an entirely new electric architecture to underpin all its models from 2026.

The fully electric EQV model will come with 60kWh and 90kWh battery sizes, with improved range of 172 miles and 226 miles respectively.

Charging is a little faster than the 2019 version of the van, with a top up from 10 to 80pc now in theory taking 40 minutes rather than 45 minutes.

Mercedes says the van — which starts at €75,280 in Europe — is an "important milestone" on the path to the introduction of its VAN.EA architecture from 2026.

The EQV will be offered on the new architecture from that date.

“In the next few years, the new vehicles will form the bridge not only to an elevated experience in an MPV, but also to an all-electric future,” says the firm. 

From the second half of the decade all newly developed midsize and large vans will be based on the VAN.EA architecture.

Mercedes also aims to reduce its portfolio variants by more than 50pc compared to current ICE vans, while covering the same use-cases.

The EQV is available to order from Mercedes‑Benz sales partners and online. It is equipped with the Mercedes ‘me Chargedigital service which offers drivers access to over 620,000 charging points in Europe — including the Ionity fast charging network.

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Meanwhile in the US, Mercedes has released its home charger the wallbox

The wallbox delivers up to 11.5kW on a 240V split-phase circuit, making charging about eight times faster than using a conventional household outlet.

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