Mercedes charging network appoints executives

Firm's JV with MN8 plans to install 400 charging stations across North America

Mercedes charging network appoints executives
Mercedes opened its first charging station in Georgia last year

German OEM Mercedes has appointed three executives to lead its North American charging network, a JV with US renewable energy firm MN8 Energy.

Mercedes and MN8 Energy have committed to invest over $1bn to deliver 2,500 chargers within at least 400 charging hubs across North America by the end of the decade.

The JV opened its first charging hub in Sandy Springs, Georgia last year.

“We are intent on creating the fastest, most accessible, and highest quality charging experience ever. Delivering a market leading charging network demands pulling together a market-leading team from across the EV, luxury brand, and consumer experience sectors," says CEO of Mercedes North American Andrew Cornelia.

Mercedes has appointed Anupa Charles-Pierre as vice-president of marketing & communications and Nathan Pearson as vice-president of finance.

MN8 appointed Glen Spencer as chief operating officer and Ron Kruse as vice-president of operations & management.

"These critical hires, along with our special partnership with MN8 Energy, add to the diverse and dedicated team behind our network and further our momentum towards our goals,” adds Cornelia.

New COO Spencer most recently worked on EV infrastructure schemes at BP, while Charles-Pierre has worked at Ferrari, Mercedes, and Ford.

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Incoming operations vice-president Kruse previously held a similar role at Volta Charging. And Pearson led financial planning in the early phase of Tesla’s Supercharger network, following a stint managing construction finance and site development for Tesla’s first gigafactory in Nevada.

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