Geely e-pickup export ship heading to Australia

Ship tracking data suggests the vehicles will be remaining in Asia-Pacific

Geely e-pickup export ship heading to Australia
The firm's latest exports look to have remained regional

  Chinese OEM Geely heralded the first exports of its Radar RD6 e-pickups last month. But the ship onto which the firm showed the trucks being loaded is now heading from Singapore to Freemantle in Australia, suggesting the vehicles are likely staying within Asia-Pacific markets.

According to ship tracking website Marine Traffic, the Mercury Ace car carrier departed Tianjin, where Geely shared photos of the RD6s being loaded, and visited Shanghai and another Chinese port further south, before heading to Singapore.

From the southeast Asian island nation, it is now headed for Australia’s west coast, due to arrive in Freemantle on 9 September. While this does not entirely rule out the Geely e-pickups going any further afield, it seems unlikely that, having gone so decisively east, the ship will now head west towards markets such as the Middle East or Europe. EV inFocus will keep it tracked just in case.

The firm heavily hinted that a batch of hybrid Lynk & Co 09 mid-size SUV hybrids from its Lynk & Co subsidiary that also headed on an export journey last month was destined for the Middle East, and for Saudi Arabia in particular.       

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