Audi launches Q6 E-Tron

German premium brand brings e-SUV to market after two-year delay

Audi launches Q6 E-Tron
the Q6 E-Tron is built on VW Group's PPE platform

German premium brand Audi has launched its new electric SEV, the Q6 E-Tron, almost two years after its initially planned launch date.

The vehicle is built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), a modular EV platform being developed by Audi parent company VW Group, and also used by VW brand Porsche.

The Q6 E-Tron is powered by a 12-module 100kW battery and will be the first EV produced at Audi's Ingolstadt flagship factory.

Audi claims a 625km range for the Q6 E-Tron and says this performance is enabled by highly efficient electric motors which the firm began manufacturing late last year.

Audi has struggled to make headway with its E-Tron electric range, consisting mostly of premium performance SUVs as well as a sedan. The higher-priced segments targeted by the firm have seen its offerings lose out to competition from the likes of market leader Tesla.

Last year, the brand replaced its CEO and sought deeper ties with Chinese OEM SAIC, a project which will see the firms co-develop vehicles.

But Audi saw a 50pc increase in EV deliveries in 2023 and says it is committed to its electrification strategy.

"Despite the recent public debate, there is no doubt the future of the car is electric. At Audi, we will electrify all core segments by 2027 and have defined a fully electric target portfolio," Audi says.
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However the automaker will also rely on ICE vehicles as well as PHEVs in coming years.

"The transitional period will require starting off with highly efficient combustion-engine models and plug-in hybrids. With the models that are coming now, we are well positioned and able to actively respond to a range of customer requirements,” says Audi CEO Gernot Döllner.

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