US government in further EV funding push

No sign of rowing back on EV push in election year

US government in further EV funding push
President Biden hails $25bn+ of EV charging funding (Photo copyright: Adam Schultz)

The US Biden administration has announced $325mn in additional funding to be spread across three schemes to accelerate the adoption of EVs.

The Department of Transportation announced $148mn in grants to repair or replace nearly 4,500 existing, but non-operational, EV chargers.

And the offices of Energy and Transportation jointly announced $46mn funding aimed at filling skills gaps and improving grid resiliency through their Ride and Drive Electric programme.

Under the third scheme the Department of Energy announced $131mn in funding for EV research and development, including an advanced battery R&D consortium.

Last week, the Department of Transportation also announced $623mn in regional grants to help build out an EV charging network across the US.

Clarifying tax credits

The US Department of Treasury is also releasing guidance to clarify which parts of the population can receive tax credits for EVs. The guidance will show that around two thirds of the population are eligible, and a mapping tool has been created to help households and businesses clarify eligibility.

The White House is keen to reiterate its achievements on developing EV infrastructure to date, noting that more than $25bn of funding has been announced since President Biden took office — more than $10bn of which has been provided by the private sector.

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"Just three years ago, there was almost no US-based production of fast chargers, but since President Biden took office, at least 40 US-based EV charger factories have been announced or opened,” the White House says.

“These facilities now have the capacity to produce more than a million chargers each year—including 60,000 fast chargers.”

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