CCS body criticises Ford-Tesla charging deal

The lobby group contends that says NACS is ‘not a standard’

CCS body criticises Ford-Tesla charging deal
Tesla has almost as many fast chargers in the US as rival CCS chargers (J Dean / Unsplash)

Charin, the body representing the CCS charging standard, has warned against abandoning open standards in its response to the announcement that US OEM Ford will begin fitting its vehicles with ports compatible with Tesla's rival NACS standard as part of its deal to gain access to a portion of Tesla’s fast charging network.

“The global EV industry cannot thrive with several competing charging systems,” says Charin. “CCS is the global standard and therefore focuses on international interoperability and, unlike NACS, is future proofed to support many other use cases beyond public DC fast charging. Early, unconsolidated announcements of changes create uncertainty in the industry and lead to investment obstacles.”


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