UK's largest ultra-fast charging site gets approval

UK's largest ultra-fast charging site gets approval

UK's largest ultra-fast charging site gets approval
Artist's impression of the new site

UK-based charge point operator Instavolt has announced plans to build what it calls the UK’s largest charging “super hub”, near the city of Winchester in southwest England, after councillors and planners approved an initially rejected proposal.

The company has not revealed the capacity of the chargers, but it is reported that the 44 charging bays at the site will be equipped with 150kW ultra-fast chargers. Instavolt does, however, say it has a target of installing 10,000 ultra-fast chargers across the UK by 2030.

“There are now more than 950,000 fully electric cars on UK roads, and this super hub, located just off the A34 at one of the busiest road networks linking the south with the midlands and beyond, will be game-changing,” Instavolt says.

The project will also use renewable energy, including large ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar panels and full on-site energy storage systems. Work is due to begin on the site “in the new year”, the company adds.

“The main part of the hub will have 44 charging bays, including drive-through bays for large towing vehicles and accessible charging bays,” Instavolt says.

“As well as providing substantial charging for cars, there will be the provision of long bays for larger vehicles. We also understand how important it is to ensure our network is suitable for everyone, which is why our plans include designs to create accessibility for all,” says Instavolt CEO Adrian Keen.

The new site will be amongst the largest charging locations of any type in the UK, and if the site does install 150kw devices, it will be larger than BP Pulse’s gigahub in Birmingham, which boasts 30 150kW chargers.

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When the project was first proposed, Instavolt said it would be the country’s largest charging site, although the BP Pulse Birmingham location has 150 7kW chargers in addition to its ultra-fast chargers.

The UK has just over 81,000 public charger connectors of all speeds as of November 2023, according to charging monitoring company Zapmap. This is an increase of 16,600 chargers year-on-year, up by 46pc.

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