UK still a runner in global EV manufacturing race

Ian Constance, the chief executive at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, believes that the UK will not be left in the dust in global race to localise EV supply chains

UK still a runner in global EV manufacturing race
Constance is backing an electrified UK automotive industry to survive and thrive

The global race to develop local EV supply chains is well and truly underway. One of the key organisations helping to get the UK up to full pace is the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). Designed to support the UK government to deliver on its zero-emission mobility objectives, the APC aims to impactfully allocate funding and carry out R&D to develop the country’s EV industry.

Ian Constance, CEO of the APC since 2015 after a 24-year career at US OEM Ford where he rose to the role of global chief engineer, spoke to EV inFocus about his organisation’s role in the push to develop a UK-based EV supply chain — as well as the global position of the UK in comparison to its continental European and trans-Atlantic competitors.


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