Stellantis vows to resist ‘Chinese invasion’

The Franco-Italian automaker is focused on profitably serving Europe’s middle classes with BEVs

Stellantis vows to resist ‘Chinese invasion’
The Indian market has been treated to a sneak preview of the invasion-repelling e-C3

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares dubs the new Citroen e-C3 his firm’s “first step of our answer to what is now called the Chinese invasion [of the] European market”. But the company has work to do after its share of Europe’s BEV market in Q2 slipped by two percentage points to 15.6pc.

“We are going to bring this product to Europe in 2024 at a very, very attractive and affordable price below €25,000. We will make this project not only affordable, fresh, trendy, and highly appealing to our middle-class customers, but we will make it at a profit,” says Tavares.


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