Stellantis hails 'stunning' French BEV growth

Stellantis builds on solid start to 2024

Stellantis hails 'stunning' French BEV growth
Stellantis saw total year-on-year BEV growth of 7pc in February

European conglomerate Stellantis recorded an almost 15pc European BEV market share with its February sales, on the back of what the firm called "stunning" growth of sales in France.

The firm recorded a year-on-year volume growth of 76pc for February all-electric sales in France, capturing a 37.1pc market share.

This BEV market share is 4.4 percentage points higher than Stellantis' share of the the total French auto market (32.9pc).

"In the BEV market, Stellantis keeps growing, with a 7pc increase year-over-year, seizing a 14.7pc market share in Europe and leading in various BEV segments, showing a steady progression compared to Q4'23 and January '24 and giving Stellantis the podium place in several major European markets," says Uwe Hochgeschurtz, European COO of Stellantis.

February's growth builds on a solid start to 2024 for Stellantis' EV strategy.

In January the firm saw a 20pc increase in BEV volumes compared to 2023, with double-digit growth in almost all countries. Its January market share in the European all-electric market was 13.7pc.

Calls for greater help

Despite promising EV growth, Stellantis is currently hedging its bets by safeguarding its ICE production into the 2030s with the adaptable STLA Large platform, which allows the company to produce both EVs and ICE on one chassis.

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More incentives are needed if EV adoption is to accelerate, according to Hochgeschurtz.

"As we work to make electric vehicles accessible to all in the frame of our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, it is crucial for the entire ecosystem to support this transition," he says. "Governments, charging infrastructure providers, and automotive manufacturers must collaborate to ignite market demand."

The call comes a week after Stellantis urged the UK government to introduce purchase incentives for private EV buyers, in addition to existing fleet incentives.

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