Nissan and Honda eye EV partnership

Firms to study potential for shared EV software platforms and components

Nissan and Honda eye EV partnership
Nissan and Honda will conduct a feasibility study on how they can work together

Japanese OEMs Nissan and Honda are to begin a feasibility study of how they can co-operate on EVs and autonomous driving.

The study will evaluate the potential for shared automotive software platforms and core components.

"Our study criteria will be whether the synergy of the technologies and knowledge that our companies have cultivated will enable us to become industry leaders by creating new value for the automotive industry," says Honda president Toshihiro Mibe.

Honda is lagging other OEMs in the transition to BEVs. Just 0.66pc of the cars that the firm sold worldwide in 2023 were all-electric.

But the firm has set a target of a 30pc share of the cars it sells being all-electric by the end of 2030.

Meanwhile Nissan sales have struggled in China as a result of fierce price competition.

Nissan plans to release a more competitive new energy vehicle in China later this year, and has plans for even more competitive models in the mid-term.

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"It is important to prepare for the increasing pace of transformation in mobility in the mid-to-long-term, and it is significant that we have reached this agreement based on a mutual understanding that Honda and Nissan face common challenges," says Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida.

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