US announces national electric trucking infrastructure plan

49,000 miles of highway to be equipped with infrastructure by 2040

US announces national electric trucking infrastructure plan
The administration is targeting 100pc electric freight sales by 2040

The Biden administration has launched its National Zero Emissions Freight Corridor strategy, which will see 49,000 miles of highway equipped with infrastructure to support electric trucking by 2040.

The new plan will guide investment, planning, and deployment of medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (MHDV) electric charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure along the national highway freight network.

"A core objective of the strategy is to meet freight truck and technology markets where they are today, determine where they are likely to develop next, and set an ambitious pathway that mobilises actions to achieve decarbonisation," the Federal Highways Administration says.

The four-phase plan will begin with the construction of zero emissions freight (ZEF) 'hubs' before 2027. Some 12,000 miles of highway will be converted into ZEF corridors centred around the hubs. These will be the busiest freight areas in the country, often around large ports.

A second phase will see the hubs connected by critical freight corridors by 2030, with the goal of stimulating increased regional freight movement.

The strategy will then expand corridor connections and initiate network development in a third phase up to 2035, enabling point-to-point and long haul journeys.

In a fourth phase, regional corridors will be linked into a national network, converting 49,000 miles of highway into ZEF corridors.

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MHDVs in the current US freight network contribute approximately 23pc of greenhouse gas emissions in the US transportation sector, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

The Biden administration has already committed to reaching a 30pc zero-emission MHDV share of sales by 2030, with a goal of 100pc by 2040.

Currently, 75pc of heavy truck traffic travels on just 4pc of America's roads, according to White House national climate advisor Ali Zaidi.

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