US charging infrastructure hindering EV adoption

While US EV adoption is on the rise, the country’s lack of charging infrastructure is the main concern preventing consumers from making the switch

US charging infrastructure hindering EV adoption
Tesla satisfaction far outstrips other charging service providers

US consumer intelligence firm JD Power has found that c.49pc of consumers who reject the idea of buying an EV cite “a lack of charging station availability” as their main reason. In its annual Electric Vehicle Consideration (EVC) study, the company determined that while the percentage of shoppers who are overall likely to buy an EV has risen by two percentage points since 2022 to 61pc, it remains the case that “across all JD Power EV studies, public charging infrastructure consistently scores low in satisfaction”.

Plug In America, a Los Angeles-headquartered EV research group, also highlights consumer concerns with EV infrastructure. In its own research released in May, the firm found that EV owners “voiced more frustration with fast-charging infrastructure than the previous year, with the most common issues being broken or non-functional chargers or too few locations”.


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