Stellantis to produce electric vans at second UK plant

Manufacture of Vivaro Electric will begin at Luton plant in 2025

Stellantis to produce electric vans at second UK plant
Luton will become Stellantis's second plant in the UK making electric vans

Stellantis brand Vauxhall will begin production of its medium electric van – the Vivaro Electric – at its manufacturing facility in Luton, UK in the first half of 2025.

Works will start this year to prepare the plant for limited production of the vans, alongside continued production of ICE models.

“I am pleased to announce that we will commence limited production of our medium electric van in Luton from next year, when the first customer vehicles will roll off the production line,” says Mark Noble, Luton plant director & Stellantis UK manufacturing lead.

The Vivaro Electric is powered by a 75kWh battery and is capable of up to 217 miles of range on one charge. A 5-80pc charge takes 45 minutes using a100kW charger.

As well as the Vivaro Electric, the plant will eventually produce the Peugeot E-Expert, Citroën ë-Dispatch and Fiat Professional E-Scudo in both right and left-hand drive.

The announcement makes Luton the second Stellantis plant in the UK to manufacture electric vehicles, following the start of production of the Vauxhall Combo Electric at Ellesmere Port in 2023.

Further moves towards the manufacture of electric vans in the UK will require policy support, according to Stellantis. 

“Whilst this decision demonstrates Stellantis’ confidence in the plant, this first step in its re-development towards a fully electric future requires the UK Government to stimulate more demand in the electric vehicle market and support manufacturers that invest in the UK for a sustainable transition,” says Maria Grazia Davino, group managing director of Stellantis UK.

The UK government’s Zero Emission Vehicles mandate requires manufacturers to sell an increasing proportion of EVs each year.

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But a recent report from a UK parliamentary committee said that better incentive schemes were needed to close the cost gap between EVs and ICE vehicles.

Stellantis is Europe’s leading van manufacturer with a 38.8pc of the European electric van market. 

In the UK, Stellantis represented 47.9pc of the electric van market last year with the Vivaro Electric as the number one electric van in the UK. 

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