Renault bets on Ampere to regain BEV edge

A revamped electric Renault 5 and Scenic SUV could hold the key to the French automaker's BEV ambitions

Renault bets on Ampere to regain BEV edge
The new Renault 5 will be the first vehicle based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s CMF-B platform

Not so long ago, French OEM Renault had the best-selling BEV in Europe. The Renault Zoe sold 99,261 units in 2020, edging out Tesla’s Model 3, which was facing production issues and saw sales fall by 10pc to 85,713, according to data firm Jato Dynamics.

Since then, Renault has been sliding down the BEV sales rankings at the expense of Tesla and Germany's Volkswagen, the biggest seller of BEVs among Europe’s OEMs. In 2021, Renault sold 28pc fewer Zoes while Tesla shipped 64pc more Model 3s, while by 2022 the Model Y had taken the lead and the Zoe had fallen to no. 12 with 35,706 units sold.


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