Polestar and Storedot trumpet fast charging breakthrough

First test of an in-car battery completed

Polestar and Storedot trumpet fast charging breakthrough
Storedot has vaulting ambitions for its cell innovations

Sino-Swedish EV pure play Polestar and Israeli battery firm Storedot have successfully demonstrated the latter’s Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) silicon-dominant cell technology in a car for the first time. Previous tests have involved individual cells in a laboratory environment.

The new tech charged a Polestar 5 prototype from 10-80pc state of charge (SoC) in just 10 minutes. The test saw a consistent charge rate starting at 310kW, rising to a peak in excess of 370kW at the end of charging. Owing to the consistent charge speeds, with a suitable charger, consumers could stop for five minutes at 50pc SoC and continue their journey with over 80pc SoC, the firms say.      

Polestar’s specially commissioned 77kWh battery pack – with the potential to be increased to at least 100 kWh — could add 200 miles (320 km) of range to a mid-sized electric car in 10 minutes, according to the Gothenburg-headquartered firm. The test also proves XFC technology works with 350kW+ DC charging infrastructure.

“As a manufacturer of luxury electric performance cars, we need to take the next step to address one of the biggest barriers to EV ownership — charging anxiety,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. "With this new technology, on longer journeys when drivers do stop, they will be able to spend less time charging and be back on the road faster than before.

“In fact, that stop time will be more akin to what they experience with a petrol car today,” he continues.

Storedot’s XFC technology utilises silicon-dominant cells with an energy density on par with leading NMC cells, and does not require specialist cooling systems in the vehicle. The XFC battery’s modules have a structural function aimed at improving mechanical properties and cooling ability, while maintaining or reducing weight levels.

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“Polestar’s commitment acknowledges that extreme fast charging technology is necessary to make widespread electric car adoption a reality,” says Storedot CEO Doron Myersdorf. “This breakthrough revolutionises ownership by eradicating the barrier of range and charging anxiety once and for all, as drivers will be able to travel long distances with the same freedom and convenience as traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles."

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