Nissan targets solid-state vehicles in 2028

OEM says ambitious timeline will make its EV range more competitive

Nissan targets solid-state vehicles in 2028
Nissan recently launched its Arc plan for 60pc EV share by 2030

Japanese automaker Nissan says it is aiming to launch EVs powered by solid state batteries in 2028, as the firm unveiled its production line for its next-generation cells.

Nissan plans to use all-solid-state batteries in a range of vehicle segments, including pickup trucks, and says the cells will make its EVs "more competitive".

"All-solid-state batteries, which will be game-changers for EVs, have the potential for energy density approximately twice that of conventional lithium-ion batteries, significantly shorter charging time due to superior charge and discharge performance, and lower costs due to less expensive materials," Nissan says.

Solid-state batteries are currently in development by several global manufacturers, including South Korean giant Samsung SDI and American firm Quantumscape, which has hailed "exceptional" results from its prototypes.

However, the technology appears to be a long way off commercialisation, with German OEM BMW saying that despite being on what it calls a "very good path" towards solid-state batteries, it is not expecting commercialisation of the technology until the end of the decade.

Nissan and Japanese peer Toyota, who have both invested in solid-sate production, could both risk further lagging in the BEV race if they hang their future EV viability too heavily on the as-yet unproven technology.

Nissan currently produces two BEVs, with only one in the European market. An upcoming gigafactory in the UK will produce new BEV versions of its crossover models, the Qashqai and Juke, as well as a new version of its ageing Leaf EV, but Nissan's only hint towards future BEV models came in the form of futuristic concept designs unveiled in October last year.

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Nissan recently announced its Arc plan, under which it plans to bring out 16 electrified vehicles by 2026. The firm is also targeting 60pc of new sales being electrified, although it has not given a precise target for BEV models.

The firm aims to secure 135GWh of battery capacity by 2030 — with 60GWh in the US, 40GWh in China, 25GWh in Europe and 10GWh in Japan — in partnerships with battery firms including AESC, Carl, VEJ and Sunwoda.

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