Netherlands to rollout 35,000 EV charging points

Vattenfall InCharge, Shell Ubitricity and TotalEnergies win tender for installation

Netherlands to rollout 35,000 EV charging points
The Netherlands is to improve the coverage of its EV charging network

Swedish energy firm Vattenfall InCharge, CPO Shell Ubitricity, and French utility company TotalEnergies will install and manage up to 35,000 public charging points in the Netherlands over the next four years. 

Local e-mobility project agency MRA-Elektrisch issued the tender awards on behalf of 74 municipalities in the country.

“With this joint tender we are prepared for that growth. The award goes to three parties that have also looked carefully at how the new generation of charging stations should function and look,” says Jeroen Olthof, Deputy Head of the province of North Holland.

All the charging stations will be equipped with smart charging capabilities – meaning that charging is calibrated to take place at times of low demand or high renewables generation, so as not to overload the grid.

A smart charging algorithm will also ensure charging take place at times when power prices are low, based on prices on the day-ahead power market.

Operators can also temporarily reduce the capacity of charging stations at times of high grid demand.

The roll-out is set to begin in the coming months and will be completed by 2028 at the latest.

“While we are currently already one of the largest players in the Dutch market, a new concession like this is key to maintaining and continuously growing our public infrastructure in The Netherlands", says Fabian Hagmann, Head of E-mobility Vattenfall.
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Ubitricity will initially have the largest ratio of chargers as it performed best in the tender. The ratio of chargers operated by each of the CPOs will be reviewed periodically based on performance.

“Our team is proud to further support MRA-Elektrisch and the Dutch provinces in expanding the excellent local charging infrastructure even further,” says Daniel Kunkel, CEO of Shell Ubitricity.

The Netherlands had 123,500 charging points in 2023, according to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency EV Monitor team.

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