Musk promises to play nice on charging

NACS has won. But Tesla CEO is cognisant of worries about it exploiting its victory

Musk promises to play nice on charging
Tesla's superchargers can bask in the sunlight of a victory

“I want to reiterate to GM owners out there that Tesla is not going to do anything to prefer Teslas.” So says the US EV maker’s CEO Elon Musk as he took to his social media platform Twitter alongside Mary Barra, CEO of US legacy automaker GM to announce that Barra’s firm will be joining peer Ford in signing a deal for access to Tesla’s charging network.

It suggests that, fresh from all but sealing the triumph of Tesla’s NACS protocol over the more collaborative CCS charging standard, Musk is aware that there are concerns that Tesla could wield its current single-handed control over NACS to the detriment of new partners. Twice on their Twitter Spaces conversation, he stressed to Barra that GM had Tesla’s full support. And then he got even more explicit.


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