Milence enters French market

The HDV-focused charging JV is now in a second country

Milence enters French market
French electric trucks now have another charging option

Milence, the charging joint venture (JV) between Daimler Truck, Traton and Volvo Group, has completed the first phase of its truck charging hub in Heudebouville, 40km south of Rouen in France. The station is a second for the firm after its initial project in Venlo in the Netherlands.

The first phase of new hub features four high-performance Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers on four charging bays. A second phase, scheduled to be operational at the end of the year, will include additional charging bays and other amenities.

Milence plans a swift transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology as soon as it becomes available. It expects the second phase to utilise MCS technology, suggesting its rollout is just months away. Finnish charger maker Kempower is targeting MCS sales this year.

The firm's new charging hub is strategically located on an important route for hauliers and heavy-duty vehicle drivers travelling between French capital Paris and key logistic hubs in the Normandy region, such as Le Havre — France’s largest container port — Caen, Dieppe, and Rouen. It is only four minutes from the A13 motorway.

“Over the past two years we have extensively prepared our organisation, developed the right technology, and secured sites in 15 countries. We are now in full rollout and this is just the beginning. Further expansion in several key locations along major logistics routes will follow in the coming months,” says Anja van Niersen, CEO at Milence.
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The firm is targeting another launch this quarter at Antwerp, part of the major ARA port area, in Belgium, with another in Varberg, Sweden to follow in Q3. It is also targeting a new station in Ghent, Belgium, but without a current timeline for launch.

Milence has set a default charging tariff of €0.399/kWh excluding VAT and transactional costs, which will apply to all hubs in all countries operated by Milence.

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