NACS gains momentum as Rivian joins, Texas legislates

Rivian is the latest US OEM to abandon the CCS charging standard and adopt Tesla's NACS.

NACS gains momentum as Rivian joins, Texas legislates
Tesla has added another OEM to its portfolio of NACS adopters

NACS is edging closer to becoming the de facto EV charging standard in North America as the chain of conversions catalysed by US OEM Ford striking a May deal to access to Tesla's supercharger network continues to lengthen.

Ford was joined by GM two weeks later, meaning the two largest US OEMs were onboard and rival charging standard CCS was on the ropes, if not out for the count. CCS has now taken a few more body blows afterEV-only automaker Rivian threw its lot in which NACS and Texas legislated that all public charging stations must include both NACS and CCS chargers if they are to receive state funding.


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