Growing e-roaming alliance promises charging software interoperability

Clenergy EV is the latest charging services provider to open up

Growing e-roaming alliance promises charging software interoperability
Clenergy's app will now talk to a range of other charging providers

Charge point infrastructure firm Clenergy EV has inked a number of strategic ‘e-roaming’ partnerships which will allow users to operate and pay for charging on a broad range of charging networks through the Clenergy EV app. Clenergy joins other UK and European charging providers such as Shell Recharge and Osprey in opening up its app to other hardware networks.

The new e-roaming partnerships include the likes of TotalEnergies, Ionity, Charge Point, EV Box and Power Dot, as well as Shell Recharge and Osprey, among many others, Clenergy says. Shell warned earlier this year that too great complexity in charging owing to multiple EV charging firms all fully independent of each other was a risk to adoption.

The agreement also significantly expands contactless ‘pay as you go’ capabilities at the relevant charging stations.

“[The partnerships] will offer Clenergy customers using its EV driver app the ability to locate, connect, and charge their EV instantly from a wider choice of charge points than last year. This means they can now take advantage of 250,000 charge points across 42 countries in Europe using the Clenergy EV app,” Clenergy says.

“With over 50,000 public charge points in the UK, accessibility to EV charge point infrastructure is improving and industry collaboration like this is ensuring it does not stall. By partnering with these key EV charging industry stalwarts, Clenergy is offering EV drivers better flexibility to plan their journeys based on the availability of compatible EV charging stations as well as providing payment processes that work, even in remote areas with poor signal,” the firm continues.

“A seamless public EV charging experience is vital for any driver making the switch to electric. With this in mind, any organisation rolling out public EV infrastructure, or transitioning a fleet to electric, will want to ensure that its EV software partner is actively facilitating e-roaming and contactless payment,” says Will David, Clenergy EV CEO.

And David urges more charging industry players to embrace an ‘opening up’ approach, as greater utilisation will only smooth wider EV transition and create a bigger addressable market for all charging firms.

“By working collaboratively, taking charge and opening up the public charge point network, the EV e-roaming and CPI partnerships are giving drivers' greater flexibility — which will, in turn, will help to further accelerate the adoption of commercial and consumer electric vehicles,” David says.

“EV charging software interoperability is vital for promoting the wider adoption of EVs nationwide and supporting sustainable electric power ecosystem development,” agrees Saurabh Singh of charging software consultancy Appinventiv.

“It is important to enhance the customer experience, reduce fragmentation and compatibility issues, and enable efficient use of resources. The support for developing open standards and interoperable software systems further benefits the EV charging industry.”

And in the UK commercial fleet sector, which is by far the primary driver of the country’s new EV sales, the need for interoperable charging is all the more pronounced, according to Osprey.

“For individuals who drive for work purposes, EV roaming provides the flexibility to charge their vehicles at different locations, depending on their itinerary. This eliminates the need for employers or fleet managers to issue multiple charging cards and simplifying administration,” the firm says.

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