GM sees charging as business-critical

Questions have been asked as to whether OEMs have a place in the charging market

GM sees charging as business-critical
The efficacy of OEMs' charging strategies is up for debate

US automaker GM has a commitment with its partner EVgo to make available more than 2,700 fast-charging stations by the end of 2025, alongside working with other EV charging providers to put c.80,000 stations where GM customers can charge on its apps. It also, of course, now has access to 12,000 of the supercharger stations of US OEM Tesla. And the firm covers domestic charging installation for qualifying buyers of its EVs.

Clearly, as GM CEO Mary Barra made clear on a June Twitter discussion with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the firm values “robust” — an adjective Barra repeated in the conversation — EV charging solutions to help drive adoption of EVs. But there remains a certain scepticism about whether OEMs in general should be expending bandwidth and capital in the charging sector.


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