Germany finances last round of e-buses

Federal funding scheme to end after Constitutional Court ruling

Germany finances last round of e-buses
Germany is having to bring a number of EV programmes to an end

The German ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) is spending €53.4mn ($57.9mn) to support 13 bus companies procure 186 electric buses.

Six of the companies will also receive infrastructure support. 

The funding is part of Germany’s ‘Promotion of alternative drives for buses in passenger transport’ scheme, which has already funded over 4000 buses and 140 feasibility studies.

“Switching to alternative drives is an enormous challenge for bus companies. I am therefore pleased that we can now financially support 13 additional companies and districts in switching to clean buses,” says Daniela Kluckert, Minister for Digital and Transport.

The latest round of financing will be the last as part of the programme, following the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court concerning the German Federal Government’s Climate and Transformation Fund (CTF).

The court ruled last year that the government had broken a constitutional debt rule by transferring funds earmarked for pandemic support to the CTF.

The ruling meant that €60bn ($65bn) had to be withdrawn from the CTF, forcing a number of EV programmes to come to an end.

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