EViF white paper: European public charging set for a shakeout

Too many small, cash-constrained, 'national champion' firms makes for a sector ripe for consolidation

EViF white paper: European public charging set for a shakeout
Fastned is aggressively expanding; strong focus on transnational fast charging could make it a winner

It is perhaps not news to anyone with a passing familiarity to the nascent EV public charging industry that it screams consolidation opportunity.

But when will this trend kick off; who are the runners and ridders, and who will ultimately won out as the last charge point operators (CPOs) standing?

With the help of four leading analysts in the sector, EV inFocus takes a deep dive into the current fragmented and largely national border-constricted European market. It examines the current and future difference in prospects between fast and slow charging.

And it identifies how and which companies will win, with particular reference to:

— business focus

— access to capital

— quality of location

— execution

— software capabilities

— adjacent competencies

— overall strategic importance to the organisation


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