EU e-mobility needs data revolution

EV infrastructure rollout needs better interoperability protocols and data sharing, says Eurelectric

EU e-mobility needs data revolution
Report calls for an interconnected e-mobility ecosystem

Europe needs a more interconnected e-mobility ecosystem if it is to accelerate its EV uptake, according to a report from electricity industry association Eurelectric and consultants EY

OEMs, charging firms, grid operators and EV drivers all generate data – including vehicle characteristics, battery status, grid capacity and charging station performance.

But this data is not currently shared, partly due to legacy practices and partly due concerns over loss of competitive advantage and privacy. 

Remedying this would greatly simplify the challenge of EV infrastructure rollout for all parties, according to Eurelectric's Secretary General Kristian Ruby.

“All players across the value chain need to work together with open, interoperable and secure data to create a smooth, seamless experience for the customer,” she said. 

Where data is withheld, or formats are inconsistent, there may be knock-on ramifications for efficiency across the network. 

For example, an EV charger may not work because of a grid issue, a charger issue or a vehicle issue. But without adequate data-sharing, it takes much longer to establish which part of the chain has broken down.

Data on EV charging patterns will be of benefit to all parties. OEMs will know how batteries are being used, EV drivers will know which stations are the most reliant and convenient, charging operators will know which of their stations are most cost-efficient and utilities will be able to predict and understand how EVs effect load patterns – helping them to better plan distribution and generation. 

“Where data is withheld, or formats are inconsistent, there may be knock-on ramifications for efficiency across the network, ultimately impacting the overall customer experience and value,” says the report. 

Enabling a V2G future

Data interoperability is also crucial for the development of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging. This will offer EV users a revenue stream, and allow utilities to manage peak load for grid stability, better integrate renewable energy sources and lower investment costs.

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Eurelectric has issued a number of policy recommendations to ensure data interoperability in the Europe e-mobility sector. These include:

  • Standardised charging protocols;
  • An EU Data Act to provide high-level principles for data sharing across sectors;
  • A Smart Charging Mandate that require all new and renovated public charging points to comply with smart charging capabilities;
  • Mandating the creation of grid capacity heat maps at the distribution level to facilitate planning decisions for charging infrastructure deployment.
“This will help improve the overall EV experience and unlock value for ecosystem players,” says Serge Colle, EY’s Global Energy & Resources Leader.

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