Blink to expand Latin American charging footprint

Slow cranking up of greater efforts to electrify in the region is attracting attention

Blink to expand Latin American charging footprint
Blink is pushing further into LatAm markets

US charge point operator Blink Charging has unveiled plans to target Mexico and wider Latin America as expansion markets for its products. The company has launched a Mexican website to “enhance accessibility and heighten visibility of Blink’s best-in-class EV charging products and services” in the country.

"This initiative aligns with our commitment to pioneering and advancing EV charging products within the country and around the world” says Jenifer Yokley, Blink's SVP of Global Marketing. “We are excited to see Blink expand its reach in Mexico, delivering our advanced line of charging solutions as EV adoption and sales continue to climb and drivers are in need of reliable information regarding EV charging.”

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To date, Blink has installed around 800 chargers across Mexico, as the country ramps up its infrastructure to meet a government target that, by 2030, 50pc of all passenger cars sales are comprised of EVs. Blink hailed the burgeoning EV market in Mexico as motivating the expansion of its footprint on the country. “The production of EVs in Mexico has witnessed a significant ramp up in the past year alone. Mexico has become a leader in EV production with output growing from 78,000 in 2022 to 148,000 halfway through 2023,” it says.

“This landscape positions Blink as an essential player in collaborating to grow infrastructure in the country. Thanks to its wide variety of EV technologies, Blink is poised to facilitate the widespread adoption of EV chargers throughout Mexico and the broader LatAm region.”

On the latter, Blink has also announced an agreement to provide EV charging solutions to five McDonald’s restaurants owned by franchise operator Arcos Dorados in Puerto Rico.

“Mexico, a laggard in transport electrification, now shows signs of awakening to the challenge. After years of implementing lax fuel economy regulations for light-duty vehicles and eliminating import taxes on EVs only temporarily, pro-EV government action has suddenly picked up,” says non-profit the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

“Mexico has around 2100 EV chargers installed throughout the country. Charging infrastructure must grow at the same pace as electric vehicle offerings; otherwise, consumers may lack the confidence needed to purchase ZEVs,” the ICCT warns.

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