Blink Charging announces new manufacturing facility

Maryland factory will be built alongside the company's new global corporate headquarters

Blink Charging announces new manufacturing facility
Blink is aiming to produce 50,000 charging units annually

US EV charging firm Blink Charging will expand its production capacity with a new manufacturing facility in Bowie, Maryland.

The plant, which will be built alongside a new global corporate headquarters, will function as the central hub for Blink’s in-house production in North America.

"The company plans to significantly increase its manufacturing capacity by constructing a new, modern facility that demonstrates Blink’s dedication to responding to the increasing global demand for EV charging infrastructure," the firm says.

The facility will enable Blink to expand its production capacity to over 50,000 charging units annually.

"This new facility will enable Blink to increase domestic manufacturing operations, replacing previous overseas production. Maryland will serve as the assembly site for Blink’s Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8 L2 chargers," the company says.

Blink has designated Maryland as its central hub, saying it wishes to leverage its proximity to Washington, DC to expand its market presence.

Blink has now deployed nearly 85,000 charging ports worldwide. The firm says it is seeing strong demand for its products and expects full year revenues for 2023 of $140mn, a significant increase on the $61.1mn revenues it saw in 2022.

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