Eye on EV webinar: Winning over the gasoline superusers

Those that drive the most miles may be the most reluctant to go electric, yet they represent the biggest decarbonisation prize

Eye on EV webinar: Winning over the gasoline superusers
High-level speakers from both sides of the Atlantic tackled getting the heaviest road users to switch

EV inFocus spoke to US non-profit Coltura and UK-based research firm New Automotive about the need for EV policies to target switching among so-called 'gasoline superusers' — the small proportion of ICE vehicle drivers who make up an outsized share of total miles driven, in order to maximise climate impact.

Our speakers were:
Matthew Metz & Janelle London, Co-executive directors at Coltura
David Farrar, Research and policy manager at New Automotive
Peter Ramsay, Editor-in-chief at EV inFocus.

The questions discussed included:

1) How big is this problem?
2) What opportunities does this create for the EV revolution?
3) What can governments, policy makers and businesses do to seize this moment?


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