US on track to meet BEV charging demand – ICCT

Announced charging deployment will meet 115pc of expected demand in 2030, says study

US on track to meet BEV charging demand – ICCT
The ICCT estimates there will be around 55mn BEVs on US roads in 2032

US charging infrastructure is on track to meet the needs of the nation’s growing BEV fleet, according to a report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas standards will lead to an increase in the BEV sales share of light-duty passenger vehicles from 7pc in 2023 to 67pc by 2032.

As a result the ICCT estimates there will be around 55mn BEVs on the road in 2032.

Charging this fleet will require about 3.7mn level two chargers at workplaces and public locations, 136,000 public DC fast chargers, and 40.1mn chargers in homes by 2030.

Meeting the 3.7mn publicly accessible non-home charger target will require a 27pc compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in deployment between 2024 and 2030.

Between 2017 and 2022 the CAGR of public charger growth was 40pc, meaning the target will be met easily if the current growth rate continues.  

Analysis by the ICCT of announcements by charging providers, automakers, and retailers shows that a total of 164,000 new DC fast chargers and 1.5mn new level two chargers should be deployed at public locations and workplaces by 2030.

Additional announcements by the federal government, states and utilities could lead to deployments of 47,000 DC fast chargers and 579,000 level two chargers.

Together, this amount of charging would provide about 47.2GW of electrical capacity, which represents 115pc of the public BEV charging capacity needed in 2030.

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“Announcements of future deployment already sum up to most of what we find is needed by 2030,” says Logan Pierce, associate researcher at the ICCT.

And more charging deployments will likely be announced before 2030, the report notes. 

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