Norway BEV sales shrug off incentive reduction

A less sweet deal has put little dent in BEVs' share of the market

Norway BEV sales shrug off incentive reduction
Norway is planning to outlaw sales of ICE cars by 2025. (Bruno van der Kraan / Unsplash)

BEVs’ share of passenger vehicles sales in Norway remained above 80pc for a fourth consecutive month in May, as the withdrawal of some incentives largely failed to diminish demand for the cleaner mode of road transport. Only three months ever (Jan, Mar and Dec '22) had previously topped the 80pc mark.

Zero-emission vehicles made up 80.7pc of the 13,342 new passenger cars that were registered in Norway in May, according to data from the Norwegian Road Federation, known as OFV. That compares with 83.3pc of new registrations in April, 86.8pc in March and 83.1pc in February.


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