US heavyweights collaborate on silicon-graphite anodes

Further progress in US efforts to reshore its EV battery supply chain

US heavyweights collaborate on silicon-graphite anodes
Silicon is increasingly being used as an enhancing material to graphite for anodes in EV batteries

The development of large scale silicon-graphite anode production has come a step closer with a strategic collaboration between two major players in the North America battery supply chain. 

Silicon anode technology company One D Battery Sciences and engineering firm Koch Modular will work together to build a facility to produce 20,000t/yr of silicon-graphite anode material — enough for the batteries of about 1mn EVs annually.

The facility will be formed of two adjacent plants. A modular silane plant will add silicon to EV-grade graphite powders and a second facility will coat anodes with the processed materials. 

“This strategic collaboration will enable the North American EV battery supply chain to reduce its dependency on overseas anode material imports and meet the urgent need for OEMs to compete with the next generation of more affordable EVs,” says Vincent Pluvinage, CEO of One D .

A pilot silane plant operated by One D in Moses Lake, Washington is due to come online in early 2024 “to support the EV battery qualification process” for OEMs while the two large-scale production plants are constructed.

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Silicon is increasingly being used as an enhancing material to graphite for anodes in EV batteries. And some start-ups such as Sila and GDI are pursuing anodes made entirely of silicon.

Battery-grade graphite is overwhelmingly produced in China, raising fears over supply chain risks — particularly after the East Asian nation slapped new restrictions on graphite exports late last year. 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for EV in Focus’ analysis of the most exciting battery technologies currently in development this year, which will feature silicon anodes among the innovations explored. 

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