Fastned receives CO2 certification

Status qualifies company for award advantage in public procurement contracts

Fastned receives CO2 certification
Fastned uses the Performance Ladder to identify where it can reduce its COfootprint

European fast charging firm Fastned has received its level four COPerformance Ladder certification, the first European charging company to do so.  

The COPerformance Ladder is an independently certified COmanagement system that reward companies that reduce their emissions in public procurement contracts.

The ladder consists of five levels. Up to level three, an organisation that obtains a certificate on the ladder reduces its own carbon emissions within the organisation and all its projects.

From level four and five, the organisation also aims to reduce CO2 emissions from its supply chain and scope three emissions. 

Achieving higher levels of certification qualifies the company for higher levels of ‘award advantage’ in public procurement contracts, with the level determined by the tendering party.

Fastned used the COPerformance Ladder to identify where it could reduce its COfootprint. It then developed plans to reduce its COemissions (per kWh sold) by 60pc by 2025 and by 80pc by 2030 against 2022 levels. 

In Q4 2023, Fastned sold a quarterly record of 32GWh of renewable energy — 79pc more than in the same period last year.

“We believe it is important to be transparent about our CO2 emissions reduction targets and the steps we are taking to reduce our own emissions. We also want to challenge the market and players in our value chain to do the same,” says Emily Eckhous, sustainability manager at Fastned.

Fastned will now investigate less CO2-intensive materials and construction methods to build its stations, and ensure all its offices are powered by renewable energy.

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Over 5,000 organisations, and over 300 contracting authorities — chiefly in the Netherlands and Belgium — have now been certified on the ladder.

Last month Fastned raised €27.5mn ($29.8mn) with a mix of equity finance and bond issuances. The firm has now raised a total of €180mn in funding.

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