EViF white paper: The great big Tesla value conundrum (part one)

It might sound like investing 101, but what Tesla ends up looking like as a company is key to its value

EViF white paper: The great big Tesla value conundrum (part one)
Tesla share price targets range widely

Are Tesla shares worth almost $350/share? Or are they worth $85/share? It all depends on the analyst you believe.

But why is the Elon Musk-helmed automaker valued so differently? It comes down, largely, into what type of company the firm will evolve in the longer term.

If it remains mainly a vehicle maker, expectations of value will be lower. If it can build out its supplementary hardware and, particularly, software businesses, that worth goes up.

Believe Musk's most far-reaching ambitions around autonomous driving and robotics, and Tesla might end up in the pantheon of tech giants.

EV inFocus has taken a deep dive into Tesla's potentially divergent future paths. It is not a small subject, so we have decided to break it into a three-part white paper series.

You can download part one — which sets out four possible outcomes for a future Tesla — here. Parts two and three will follow next week. Part three in particular features a major call on where we see value for Tesla lying.


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