Cadillac to launch 'entry point' EV

The luxury brand's end-of-decade all-electric strategy gets another plank

Cadillac to launch 'entry point'  EV
More details on the Optiq are promised next year

GM luxury marque Cadillac will next year launch a fourth vehicle into its global EV portfolio with the Optiq.

Few details will be released until next year. But GM described Optiq as the "entry point" for Cadillac’s North American EV line-up, "slotting in below" the Lyriq compact SUV.

Given, though, that the Lyriq starts at $58,590, and that Optiq will be targeted — as per Cadillac's positioning within GM — at "global luxury customers", it remains to be seen at just what entry level the new model will be pitched. 

Cadillac's other EV offerings are the Escalade IQ electric version of its iconic full-size EV, with a starting price from c.$130,000, and the hand-built Celestiq electric luxury sedan that starts from c.$340,000.

Cadillac’s long-term strategy, first unveiled in April 2021, is to sell only EVs by the end of the decade.

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