BMW defends ‘swimming against the tide’ on hydrogen

The German OEM has grand ambitions for growth of its BEV business. But it wants to also keep its hydrogen options open

BMW defends ‘swimming against the tide’ on hydrogen
The best-selling i4 M50 (Source: BMW) 

Oliver Zipse, chairman of Germany’s BMW, told shareholders of “considerable interest” in hydrogen as a mobility fuel at the firm’s annual meeting in mid-May. As a consequence, despite a planned ramp-up of its BEV sales and model range, it wants to keep a finger in the FCEV pie too.

“Our BMW iX5 Hydrogen has been welcomed with open arms,” says Zipse, extolling its 500km range and refuelling time of 3-4 minutes. “We are currently sending a pilot fleet to selected markets, including [South] Korea, Japan, China, the US and Europe, where we are testing this technology in everyday driving.”


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