BEVs still struggling to get toehold in Australia

Market share levels fell in January from 2023 average

BEVs still struggling to get toehold in Australia
Australian consumers still prefer ICE SUVs to BEVs

Pure BEVs represented 5.4pc of total vehicles sales in Australia in January with 4,848 vehicles sold, according to data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

This is roughly flat year-on-year compared to January '23 when pure BEV sales were 5.71pc of the overall market share (an almost identical 4,852 vehicles sold in a slightly smaller market).

Overall in 2023, pure BEVs accounted for 7.2pc of sales with 87,608 vehicles sold, indicating that January's BEV share of the mix was down a little compared to the 2023 market share average. 

This compares with BEV market share figures in a 13-16.5pc market range in the EU, and just over 7pc in the US.

“The continuing preference for SUVs and utes (utility vehicles) demonstrates the challenges the Commonwealth Government is facing as it works to introduce a New Vehicle Emissions Standard (NVES),” says FCAI CEO Tony Weber.

Earlier this week the Australian government proposed its New Vehicle Emissions Standard, which it aims to have in force from 2025.

The standard will set a maximum level of carbon emissions across a manufacturer’s overall new car sales.

The government is hoping that the new standards will help encourage OEMs to sell more EV models in Australia, particularly e-pickups and trucks. 

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A government report notes that global vehicle manufacturers do not currently offer the same range of EVs in Australia as in other parts of the world. In 2022, there were 500 EV models available globally, compared to 45 EV models available for sale in Australia.

Last year the Australian government began a A$500mn ($325mn) scheme to install EV chargers every 150km on major highways across the nation. 

Non-profit the Electric Vehicle Council says that the new policy regime could lead to all new vehicle sales being electric by 2035.

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