Tesla begins Cybertruck deliveries

The vehicles is more than 50pc more expensive than first trailed

Tesla begins Cybertruck deliveries
The Cybertruck is manufactured from a custom-made stainless steel alloy

Tesla began deliveries of its new Cybertruck vehicle this week, the firm’s first new vehicle since the Model Y was launched over three years ago. 

Prices vary according to different model. The cheapest rear-wheel drive model will cost $60,990 and be available from 2025. An all-wheel drive version will cost $79,9000 and will be available in 2024. The costliest model – the Cyberbeast, also available in 2024 – will sell for $99,990.

When it first announced the vehicle in 2019 Tesla said it was to cost $39,900.

“I think its our best product,” says CEO Elon Musk, speaking at the truck’s launch event. “It is a better truck than a truck and a better sports car than a sports car.”

The truck is manufactured from a custom-made stainless steel alloy designed to be extremely strong and avoid corrosion.

It has a 4,990kg towing capacity and an estimated range of 340 miles, or 440 miles with a range extender. Up to 128 miles of range can be added with a 15 minute charge using the 250kW charger. Tesla says the truck can do 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

“It does not feel like normal truck, it is smooth and quiet to drive,” says Musk. 

Tesla said it has received more than 1mn pre-orders for the truck. It plans to produce 250,000 vehicles a year from its gigafactory in Austin, Texas from 2025. 

The Cybertruck is the firm’s effort to move into the pick-up market, a major segment in North America and one that other auto manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors are starting to target. 

The truck’s debut comes as Tesla reported a fall of 37pc in adjusted profit to $2.3bn in the third quarter compared to the year-ago quarter, as operating margins narrowed and costs increased. 

Tesla is “between two high growth periods” and may not see material rises in earnings or valuation until 2026, according to analysts at Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

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